Health & Safety

We have the greatest story ever told to share every single week in Sugar Hill Kids. When you walk into the preschool and elementary space of Sugar Hill Kids, we want you to feel and know it is a safe place for your child to be loved and learn more about Jesus.

Safety & Security Policies

  • Each child is checked into an electronic check-in system producing a matching parent/child security tag that is used for pick-up. Without proper parent tag, the child is not released until verification from a Sugar Hill Kids staff member.
  • All Sugar Hill Kids leaders have been properly background checked.
  • Sugar Hill Kids leaders are trained in emergency procedures including fire, weather, and lockdown.
  • We ask that parents, grandparents, or family friends remain outside of the classroom during drop-off/pick-up to ensure safety of the other children in the classroom.
  • Allergy alert signs are posted outside of classroom doors when children are tasting, touching, or smelling certain items.
  • To avoid allergic reactions, preschool children have morning snack approved by the Kids Ministry Office.
  • Our media release allows parents to protect their child by opting out of posting pictures on any of our social media platforms – just email to let us know.
  • A uniformed officer assists our security team and is located between preschool and elementary areas each week.

Health Policy

We want to keep your child—and the children of other families—healthy and happy. Please look over our Well-Child Health Policy below when determining if you should bring your child to his/her ministry program.

A sick child may have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A fever over 99.6 degrees currently or for the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea currently or for the last 24 hours
  • Runny nose with a thick, colored mucus
  • Unexplained rashes
  • Skin infections (impetigo, boils or ringworms)
  • Eye infections
  • Childhood diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, rubella, pertussis or scarlet fever.

If a child currently has any of the above symptoms, the leader will not be able to accept the child into the classroom. If a child develops any of the above symptoms while in our care, we will ask you to come and get him/her.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will help protect the health of all of our children.

SHC Family Ministries COVID Policies / Procedures

Because the safety of all families is our top priority, SHC has instituted COVID-19 related safety practices that are based on CDC guidelines and policies implemented in local schools. If you would like to read our full COVID Policy, please email us at

Before Arriving to Programming
Please review the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. If your answer is YES to any of these questions OR if you are sick in any way, PLEASE stay home and join us via digital programming.

  • Does your child have a fever, or have they had one in the last week?
  • Have they been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 10 days?
  • Have they been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

What if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

Out of respect for all families, we ask that SHC staff is notified of all positive COVID-19 tests (anonymity will be respected beyond the necessary leadership) and that individuals testing positive observe CDC recommended quarantine.

During Programming

  • Masks are required for Kindergarten and up. Masks will be provided if needed.
  • Families will be asked if they have reviewed the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire questions as they arrive for programming.
  • We have moved to assisted, contactless check-in procedures instead of self-check-in. Please only send one member of your family to check in all of your kids to limit the number of people around the check-in kiosks.
  • Indoor play areas are closed at this time. Outdoor playgrounds are only open during service hours.
  • Additional cleaning measures are in place throughout our facilities, and the entire building will be closed between 10:15 and 10:45 for thorough cleaning between service hours.
  • Personal items (diaper bags, etc) will be kept on hooks outside of Preschool classrooms.
  • Snacks for Preschool Kids will be individually packaged.
  • Each preschool classroom will have floor dots to intentionally space our little ones out.
  • All Elementary Kids (Kindergarten-5th grade) will meet in a socially distanced large group in the Theater.


Contact the Sugar Hill Kids Team at 770-945-5092 or